[DRBD-user] Understanding "classic" 3 node set up.

Yannis Milios yannis.milios at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 13:22:15 CET 2018

Did you fixed the typo that Peter mentioned on his last post ? That should
be "internal" and not "inetrnal". Then must copy the resource file on all 3

> >>  meta-disk       inetrnal;

After fixing that you should be able to create the metadata and initialize
the stacked device by:

On trk-kvm-01 (assuming that this is the primary node):
drbdadm create-md --stacked convirt-U

On trk-kvm-03:
drbdadm create-md convirt-U    #this will create the required metadata on
the underlying device (i.e /dev/trk-kvm-03-vg/convirt). No need to transfer
metadata manually from trk-kvm-01)

On trk-kvm-01:
drbdadm --stacked adjust convirt-U

On trk-kvm-03:
drbdadm adjust convirt-U

On trk-kvm-01:
drbdadm --stacked -- --overwrite-data-of-peer primary convirt-U
cat /proc/drbd

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