[DRBD-user] Ask some questions about the splitting of the dual master device

Su Hua suhua.tanke at gmail.com
Mon Dec 10 09:56:32 CET 2018

Hi Digimer

I found in the test that there will be a 10 second heartbeat wait after the
drbd synchronization network port is down. During this time, the new
data IO will not be synchronized to the other end. When 10 seconds later,
these request that waiting for synchronization include the master BIO
will be cleaned up and then returned correctly when the clone BIO
corresponding to these master BIOs is written to disk. In this case,
will the pacemaker with a stonith configuration finally decide to stop
the controller? But another controller does not have this data, which
leads to data loss.

Digimer <lists at alteeve.ca> 于2018年12月10日周一 下午3:30写道:

> On 2018-12-09 8:28 p.m., Su Hua wrote:
> > Excuse me, the latest drbd driver can provide the arbitration service in
> > the case of split-brain?instead of using the script that is fixed
> > afterwards, which may cause partial data loss under the GFS2 cluster
> > file system.
> DRBD needs to be fenced in a way that informs DLM that the lost node has
> been fenced. I do not know of any fence handlers that do this is a pure
> DRBD install. So for practical purposes, no, you will need pacemaker
> with a proper stonith configuration to avoid split-brains in the first
> place.
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