[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox broken after upgrading to PVE/libpve-storage-perl/stable 5.0-32

Julien Escario julien.escario at altinea.fr
Mon Dec 10 11:32:17 CET 2018

Le 27/11/2018 à 18:08, Yannis Milios a écrit :
> Upgraded to linstor-proxmox (3.0.2-3) and seems to be working well with
> libpve-storage-perl  (5.0-32).
> There's a warning notification during live migrates about the upgraded
> storage API, but at the end the process is completed successfully..
> "Plugin "PVE::Storage::Custom::LINSTORPlugin" is implementing an older
> storage API, an upgrade is recommended"

Yannis, did you managed to get rid of this warning ? Same thing here
since last upgrade.

Nothing really bad happening except this annoying warning ...

Best regards,

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