[DRBD-user] drbd-utils-9.7.0

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Tue Dec 4 17:28:32 CET 2018

Hi DRBD users,

This release contains several bug fixes and some new features. If you
don't use these features, there is no urgent need to upgrade now.

Highlights include:
- drbd-utils now handle "resync-after" properly. This needed fixing in
  the 8.4 part and the 9 part of drbd-utils.

- drbd.ocf now has a new parameter named "connect_only_after_promote"
  which might be helpful in stacked setups. drbd.ocf also learned to to
  specify a required kernel version. If you are interested, please read
  the according changes in the git log for more details.

- drbdmon now displays rsync progress (assuming a new enough DRBD9
  kernel module).

- Utils learned to specify a required kernel module version in the res
  files. This is a DRBD9 only feature. This helps with error messages
  people get when they wrongfully load a DRBD8.4 module and use LINSTOR.
  It might also be handy in other situations when one wants to make
  absolutely sure that a specific/specific range of the kernel module is

- Last but not least, the bits for WinDRBD (not to be confused with
  wdrbd) got merged. This allows building drbd-utils on Windows, if you
  use the Windows version of DRBD, which is based on the DRBD9 code used
  in Linux. No, it is not 1. of April :-).

As usual, I hope this release does not destroy your kitten factory.

 * drbdadm,v9,v84: fix resync-after
 * drbd.ocf: connect_only_after_promote, require kernel version
 * drbdmon: display resync progress
 * parser,v9: require-drbd-module-version
 * windrbd: add WinDRBD support


Regards, rck

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