[DRBD-user] linstor-proxmox-2.9.0

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Mon Aug 27 09:12:12 CEST 2018

Il 24/08/2018 10:54, Roland Kammerer ha scritto:
> This feature is documented here:
> https://docs.linbit.com/docs/users-guide-9.0/#s-proxmox-ls-HA

I read and tried the described procedure, but my findings were not 
positive. In two cases the entire drbd storage freezed and all vm were 

The main problem, if I understand well, is that even if proxmox plugin 
does not manage controller vm anymore, controller vm storage depends on 
itself. If it is stopped, or cannot be contacted, no corresponding 
resource will be created, resulting in a deadlock.

In my view vm controller resource definition should not be linstor 
managed, and defined externally, but I don't know if this is feasible.


Another possible approach that came on my mind would be to activate the 
controller service on multiple physical nodes, using the proxmox cluster 
filesystem[1] for distributing controller db/configuration and some 
mechanism (like ucarp, (or maybe pveproxy[2]?)) for making its ip fault 
tolerant. Once more, I don't know if this is feasible.

Just my 2 cents


[1] https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Proxmox_Cluster_File_System_(pmxcfs)
[2] https://pve.proxmox.com/wiki/Service_daemons#pveproxy

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