[DRBD-user] First test lab with drbd9 + linstor + Proxmox

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Mon Aug 20 16:43:20 CEST 2018

On Mon, Aug 20, 2018 at 04:24:11PM +0200, Julien Escario wrote:
> Hello,
> I recently started my first lab to test linstor in replacement to drbdmanage.
> My lab env :
> 2 Proxmox nodes with 128GB RAM, 5 2TB HDD and 2 Optane 900P
> ZFS backend storage (for use with Optane as cache)
> 'Only' 1Gbps network card (probably the future bottleneck for sync)
> It seems to be a really great piece of software. Adding a node was really easy
> compared to drbdmanage.
> Also, not having to deploy 2 LVM ressources for drbdctrl volume is a plus
> because I'm using btrfs for the OS storage. So, no LVM at all.
> Installation went fine. Just a little typo in manual, chapter 4.8 (Storage
> pools) :
> linstor create-storage-pool pool_ssd alpha lvm vg_ssd
> The correct syntax seems to be :
> linstor storage-pool create alpha pool_ssd lvm vg_ssd

Thanks, will fix that. Yes, the syntax got changed, looks like this was
not reflected everywhere.

> Another one spotted right now : "6.5. Makinging the Controller Highly-Availible"
> Should be 'making', I think.


> I'm still missing a few things like ZFS Thin provisionning (When I create a
> new disk, a full resync is initiated). Did I miss something ? Is it planned ?

You used a LVM pool, so yes, you get a full sync. Use a LVM-thinpool and
the full sync gets skipped.

> Also, in my test, when creating multiple resources simultaneously, I ended up
> with a disconnect resource at creation (probably because network hasn't been
> reacheable in time due to interface saturation) :
> vm-101-disk-5 ┊ dedie82 ┊ 7010 ┊  Unknown
> vm-101-disk-5 role:Secondary
>   disk:UpToDate
>   dedie82 connection:Connecting
> Is there already some kind of disconnect/reconnect command with linstore ? (I
> didn't manage to found it).

No, if something needs fixing on the lower level, you then use lower
level commands (drbdadm/drbdsetup). But this should not happen in the
first place. You could try to restart the linstor-satellite service and
check if it recovers.

Regards, rck

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