[DRBD-user] Extent XXX beyond end of bitmap!

Oleksiy Evin o.evin at onefc.com
Tue Aug 14 06:58:18 CEST 2018


We have DRBD 8.4 over LVM volume setup on CentOS7. 

After a forcibly rebooted both nodes we've got DRBD resources in a
Diskless state and unable to attach any of it or make it primary.

# drbd-overview
0:master-drbd/0  Connected Secondary/Secondary Diskless/Diskless 

# drbdadm attach all
extent 19136522 beyond end of bitmap!
extent 19143798 beyond end of bitmap!
extent 19151565 beyond end of bitmap!

../shared/drbdmeta.c:2279:apply_al: ASSERT(bm_pos - bm_on_disk_pos <=
chunk - extents_size) failed.

I've tried to invalidate or connect discarding the data (drbdadm
connect --discard-my-data all), nothing helped. 

I suppose that this is some corruption happened with activity log. Is
there any way to resolve/discard the latest changes to make the
resource up to date?
Oleksiy Evin
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