[DRBD-user] Error setting up DRBD9 Proxmox VE5

Görz, Eric E.Goerz at funkemedien.de
Wed Sep 27 16:05:49 CEST 2017

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Hi list,

as already mentioned in http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2017-August/023478.html there is still an error while initialize a DRBD9 cluster with drbdmanaged on Proxmox VE5.

root at XYZ:~# drbdmanage init

You are going to initialize a new drbdmanage cluster.
CAUTION! Note that:
  * Any previous drbdmanage cluster information may be removed
  * Any remaining resources managed by a previous drbdmanage installation
    that still exist on this system will no longer be managed by drbdmanage


  yes/no: yes
Error: External command failed:
drbdsetup new-resource .drbdctrl 0
Command output:
Command exited with exit_code 20

Initialization failed

root at XYZ:~# drbdsetup new-resource .drbdctrl 0
Excess arguments: 0

So it should look like "drbdsetup new-resource .drbdctrl_0"

Any idea to solve this? Since there is a dedicated proxmox-5 repo for drbd9 i would like to use drbdmanaged...

Best Regards,

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