[DRBD-user] Drbd9 & Proxmox 5 add-node failure

Tsirkas Georgios geortsir3 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 21 16:59:10 CEST 2017

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I did the following tasks.

I checked the Proxmox 5 repository.
1)I opened 3 Qemu Virtual Machines and installed latest Proxmox 5 iso
2) Prepare /etc/hosts (local dns)
2)I did latest updates , kernel upgrade and add pve_no_subscription 
4) I installed pve-headers, same version with kernel release and all 
packages from this repository 
5) On first node i did "drbdmanage init -q " to initialize the cluster
6) On the same node i did "drbdmanage add-node hostname_of_pc2 ip_of_pc2"
Appears message it might take up to 1 minute.
Waiting for server..... and node can not add itself in drbd cluster.
Also i get this dbus error https://i.imgur.com/Fga6IOK.png

Proxmox 4(with 9.0.5 module) and DRBD9 works.

Did you have test it? Am i wrong? I am trying to find a solution...

Thank you!

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