[DRBD-user] Promote client-only to complete node ?

Julien Escario escario at azylog.net
Wed Sep 13 10:37:39 CEST 2017

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Le 13/09/2017 à 10:14, Yannis Milios a écrit :
> Usually when I need that, I live migrate the vm from the client node to the
> other node and then I use drbdmanage unassign/assign to convert client to a
> 'normal' satellite node with local storage. Then wait for sync to complete and
> move the vm back to the original node (if necessary).

Yup, I'm also doing this but yesterday, I encoutered a VM with mixed DRBD and
local ressources and it couldn't be live migrated. I had to move local
ressources to an NFS server. Not really a pain but being able to 'simply'
promote the node from client to a real node would have been fun ;-)


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