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Robert Altnoeder robert.altnoeder at linbit.com
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On 10/05/2017 08:49 AM, Roberto Resoli wrote:
> You can use this for "old-style" monitoring of drbd9 connections to
> ${node_name}, related to ${resource_name}:
> cat
> /sys/kernel/debug/drbd/resources/${resource_name}/connections/${node_name}/0/proc_drbd

However, the contents and format of anything under /sys/kernel/debug is
subject to change without notice.
> Anyway, the recommended "modern" way is
> watch -c drbdsetup status vm-100-disk-2 --color=always --verbose
> --statistics

The even more modern way is to use drbdmon or drbdtop, because those
utilities were specifically designed for monitoring, and especially for
getting a quick overview of a large number of resources.

Both utilities cut less interesting information very short.
E.g., for nodes that are connected and have all their volumes in a sane
state, drbdmon only shows those nodes as a list. Nodes that have a
different connection state or have volumes that have an abnormal disk
state are automatically shown on separate lines with a greater level of
detail on connection and disk status.

The drbdtop utility works similarly, showing a list view with checkmarks
for connection and disk status. It can also display details about a
selected resource (e.g., bar charts for resync progress), and it allows
you to change the status of resources by pressing hotkeys.

Both have filters for finding resources that are in an abnormal state.

drbdmon is included in recent drbd-utils versions.
drbdtop can be found here:

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