[DRBD-user] Moving TeraBytes to drbd device

José Andrés Matamoros Guevara amatamoros at ie.com.sv
Wed Oct 4 00:57:08 CEST 2017

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I have been consulted about moving multiple Terabytes to a new system using
drbd to ensure high availability. I have been thinking on multiple scenarios
to move the data as fast as I can and to have a minimal maintenance window
to change the systems.


Is there any how-to or recommendation about it? I know it is not exactly a
drbd consult but I supposed you have been using it for a while and have more
idea about a best practice. I have thought to have a backup program to copy
the data and then update it during the maintenance window, but been lots of
TB, the reading/writing data time is going to be the factor to consider.


Thanks in advance and best regards, Andres.


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