[DRBD-user] Cancelling pending actions

Martyn Spencer msdreg_linbit at microdata.co.uk
Mon Oct 2 12:37:32 CEST 2017

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I am testing a three node DRBD 9.0.9 setup using packages I built for 
CentOS7. I am using the latest drbdmanage and drbd-utils versions. If I 
lose the data on the resources, it is fine (I am only testing) but I was 
wanting to learn how to manage (if possible) the mess that I have just 
caused :)

Two nodes were working fine; let's call them node1 and node2.

When I attempted to add node3, without storage, it failed. This is 
something I will worry about later.

I managed to put node1 into a state where it had pending actions that I 
could not remove, so decided to remove the node and then re-add it. 
Rather naively I did not check and the DRBD resources were all 
role:primary on node1. Now node1 is in a state "pending: remove" and I 
cannot in any way seem to add it back to the cluster. If I use 
list-assignments, I can see that the resources all have pending actions 
"decommission" against node1. I am quite clear that DRBD is doing 
exactly what I asked it to do, and it also looks as though it is 
protecting me from my own mistakes somewhat (since the underyling DRBD 
resources appear to be OK).

I would like to ensure that the data that is in the resources on node1 
is synchronised with node2 before doing anything else. At present, all 
the node1 resources are showing as "UpToDate" and "connecting" and the 
node2 resources are showing as "Outdated" and they are not attempting to 
reconnect to node1.

Is there a way to force them to connect to node1 to resynchronise before 
I continue?

Many thanks,

Martyn Spencer

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