[DRBD-user] DRBD9 configuration with openstack-cinder-volume on multiple nodes

Igor Cicimov igorc at encompasscorporation.com
Sun Nov 26 23:05:11 CET 2017

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Hi Marco,

On 23 Nov 2017 7:05 am, "Marco Marino" <marino.mrc at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi, I'm trying to configure drbd9 with openstack-cinder.
Actually my (simplified) infrastructure is composed by:
- 2 drbd9 nodes with 2 NICs on each node, one for the "replication" network
(without using a switch) and one for the "storage" network.
- 1 compute node with a dedicated NIC connected to the storage network
- 1 controller with openstack-cinder-volume installed on it.

Please, review the configuration at https://www.draw.io/#

My questions are:
1) Using the DRBD Transport, can I connect directly compute nodes to the
drbd storage without passing through the cinder-volume node?
2) if yes, what I have to install on each node? I suppose:
drbd9 kernel module + utils + drbdmanage on DRBD1 and DRBD2
drbd9 kernel module + utils on COMPUTE nodes
drbdmanage on openstack-cinder-volume (???)

3) How should I configure openstack-cinder-volume in drbdmanage???
(External node or whatelse?) Please note that replication network and
storage network are 2 different subnets! IPs I've used in drbdmanage when I
created the drbd cluster belongs to the replication network. Is this
correct? = replication network = storage network

I'm sorry, but I'm a bit confused about this configuration

Wouldn't you just install Cinder together with drbd on the drbd nodes? Then
you just give cinder the drbd device for its lvm to serve block devices
from via iSCSI as per usual.
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