[DRBD-user] disaster management on primary-primary setup

Gregor Burck gregor at aeppelbroe.de
Fri Mar 31 14:37:30 CEST 2017

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I'm testing drbd on a debian sytem. (drbd 8.9.2)
My setup is two nodes with a primary-primary setup with gfs2

I mount the cluster resource in the local filesystem. (/dev/drbd0 on  
/clusterdata type gfs2)

When I kill one node (take the electircal wire) the still existing  
node can't access the files:

ls -l /clusterdata hang up, I can't kill the command, even from a  
other root account with kill -9

Is this a problem with drbd or maybe with gfs2?

How to bring the situation under control?



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