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Marco Marino marino.mrc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 10:51:16 CET 2017

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Hi, I'm using drbd 8.4.9-1 with pacemaker and corosync on top of 2 centos
7.3 nodes to realize a SAN. Basically it works well, but due to my
inexperience when I configured the SAN, I used tgt instead of lio, that is
the default on rhel7 and derivatives. Furthermore (and more important), I
configured each target and each lun on the SAN as a pacemaker resource
using ocf::heartbeat:iSCSITarget and ocf::heartbeat:iSCSILogicalUnit. This
works well, but clearly is difficult to manage. When I need to create new
luns or targets, I need to work with the cluster directly adding resources.
So, my idea is: can I create a Filesystem resource that mounts /etc/target
using a DRBD resource as a block device? The DRBD resource and the
Filesystem will be managed by pacemaker and they'll start before the
systemd:target daemon. In this way I can manage targets and luns using
targetcli from the active node of the cluster. In case of failover, the FS
will be mounted on the (new) active node and systemd:target will be
restarted so the configuration of luns and targets will remain safe.
Is this a good idea?

OT: I don't have a deep knowledge of tgt and lio. I'd like to switch to lio
because I'm using Centos7.3 and during my rhce exam lio was the default to
manage the SAN. Any ideas will be welcome.

Thank you,
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