[DRBD-user] DRBD9 and Proxmox - no quorum in 2 nodes cluster

Shafeek Sumser shafeeks at gmail.com
Wed Mar 15 07:56:52 CET 2017

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> > for the
> > moment.  I have done a drbdmanage primary drbdctrl but still the drbd
> > storage is not available.  How can I resolve the split brain manually so
> > as the drbd storage continues to work even if pve1 (primary is down).
> I guess that this should be left to drbdmanaged daemon, i guess the
> control node should not be managed directly. May be someone of drbd
> folks could give more details/advices.

Ok we shall see if someone from drbd could give some advices here.

> > I will try to test the scenario by adding a third drbd node (pve3) to
> > the cluster (drbdmanage add-node command) on pve1 and I will let you
> know.
> With three node you should avoid the split brain. By the way, even with
> a two node pve cluster you would be a degraded situation,
> no quorum ... -> most of the operations locked for safety.
> The same holds for the drbd storage cluster.

Yes thats true.

> By the way, my three node cluster performs as expected, the only
> difference between mine and yours being that I have three nodes for drbd
> storage as well.

I have added the third node (pve3) to the drbd9 cluster but with option
--no-storage since I don't have enough space.  I am using it only as a
control node for drbd9.  All the vms will be stored on pve1 and pve2.
I test the HA all seams to be working without any problem.

As per my understanding, as from drbd9, the two-nodes drbd server setup is
no longer possible when it comes to HA since at the backend its drbd who
manages the roles of nodes and allocate the leader.  If 2 nodes are up then
its ok but when 1 is down among the 2 drbd storage is no longer accessible
with drbdmanage.
Could someone please confirm this?


Shafeek SUMSER
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