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Andrea del Monaco andrea.delmonaco at clustervision.com
Tue Jun 6 10:40:21 CEST 2017

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Hello everybody,

I am currently facing some issues with the DRBD syncronization.
Here is the config file:
global {
        usage-count no;

common {
        startup {
                wfc-timeout 15;
                degr-wfc-timeout 15;
                outdated-wfc-timeout 15;
        disk {
                resync-rate 80M;
                disk-flushes no;
                disk-barrier no;
                al-extents 3389;
                c-fill-target 0;
                c-plan-ahead 18;
                c-max-rate 200M;
        net {
                protocol C;
                max-buffers 8000;
                max-epoch-size 8000;
                sndbuf-size 1024k;

resource cmshareddrbdres {
        net {
                cram-hmac-alg sha1;
                shared-secret xxxxxxx;
                after-sb-0pri discard-younger-primary;
                after-sb-1pri discard-secondary;
                csums-alg md5;
        on master1 {
                device     /dev/drbd1;
                disk       /dev/sdb;
                meta-disk  internal;
        on master2 {
                device     /dev/drbd1;
                disk       /dev/sdb;
                meta-disk  internal;

The network is using IPoIB.

The messages that i see are (first master): https://pastebin.com/0xCLceeD

Suspect messages:
[Sun Jun  4 03:50:17 2017] block drbd1: logical block size of local backend
does not match (drbd:512, backend:4096); was this a late attach?
[Sun Jun  4 03:51:01 2017] drbd cmshareddrbdres: [drbd_w_cmshared/3640]
sock_sendmsg time expired, ko = 6
[Sun Jun  4 03:34:12 2017] block drbd1: We did not send a P_BARRIER for
84203ms > ko-count (7) * timeout (60 * 0.1s); drbd kernel thread blocked?
(I see so many of these)

To me, i would say that there is some issue with the network, but i am not
sure, because in that case i would expect drbd to be able to send the
messages but going in timeout on the other side.

I have tried to stress it and i couldn't reproduce it, so it doesn't seem
to be load-related.

[root at master1 ~]# uname -r
[root at master1 ~]# rpm -qa | grep drbd

Any ideas?


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