[DRBD-user] drbd pending action: remove

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Tue Jul 25 08:39:46 CEST 2017

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On Mon, Jul 24, 2017 at 12:55:04PM +0200, bkk wrote:
> Hi mailinglist,
> I'm running a few servers with Proxmox 4.3 and 'integrated' DRBD9.
> Now I needed to delete some of my test servers, but still I got no free
> space on the drbd.
> with drbdmanage list-volumes and list-resources I see:
> pending action: remove

Usually there is a reason, so taking a look at the syslogs is a good
idea. Maybe they are still used? Are the according drbd resources still
in use? Maybe executing "drbdmange resume-all" could help to triggere a

If you really want to get rid of them:
drbdmanage remove-resource -qf resname

the "-f/--force" simply kicks that resource out of drbdmanage's cluster
DB. You have to cleanup yourself. For example you want to lvremove the
device if it still exists. "-f" is a last resort.

Regards, rck

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