[DRBD-user] Show Current Resync Rate

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Mon Jul 24 11:50:18 CEST 2017

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On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 06:27:22PM +0000, Eric Robinson wrote:
>With drbd 8x, I was accustomed to using /cat/proc/drbd to show the current resync state (speed and % complete). That's not in drbd 9.
># cat /proc/drbd does not show much...
>ha11b:/var/log # cat /proc/drbd
>version: 9.0.1-1 (api:2/proto:86-111)
>GIT-hash: 86e443973082570aeb651848db89e0c7b995c306 build by abuild
>Transports (api:14): tcp (1.0.0)
>...and drbdadm status shows % complete, but not current speed...
>ha11b:/var/log # drbdadm status
>ha01_mysql role:Secondary
>  disk:UpToDate
>  ha11a role:Primary
>    peer-disk:UpToDate
>ha02_mysql role:Primary
>  disk:UpToDate
>  ha11a role:Secondary congested:yes
>    replication:SyncSource peer-disk:Inconsistent done:3.81   <--No speed shown
>How do I see the resync speed?

You don't.

You can try to "derive" it from what is shown in
drbdsetup status --verbose --statistics 

Or mount debugfs, and find some information there.
No, that is not supposed to exist,
and may change at any time, and will not be documented,
so don't rely on anything you may find there.

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