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I think 3 is the maximum,

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Hi all,

I'm on my first steps with DRBD 9. Seems I did not understand (many things) how to add a new node to an existing cluster.

Atm I have a resource "pool2" on three nodes, it is UpToDate on all three, primary on one node, mountable/usable there, all fine.

Now I want to add node 4. I have added this node to the config file and created the resource on the fourth node.
When trying to adjust the resource on e.g. node 1, it fails with exit code 10:

node1:# drbdadm adjust  pool2
pool2: Failure: (162) Invalid configuration request
Command 'drbdsetup new-peer pool2 4 --_name=node4 --protocol=C --sndbuf-size=0 --rcvbuf-size=0' terminated with exit code 10
drbdadm: new-path pool2: skipped due to earlier error

I have since set pool2 to secondary also on node1, no change.
And since this entire endeavor is a part of 'data rebalancing', and suspecting some magic in the labeling given in the user guide, renamed the node in 
the configuration from "node4" to "for-later-rebalancing" - no change either.

So how do I tell DRBD that there is a new peer in the game?


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