[DRBD-user] Testing new DRBD9 dedicated repo for PVE

Roberto Resoli roberto at resolutions.it
Tue Jan 10 10:50:23 CET 2017

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Il 10/01/2017 10:14, Roberto Resoli ha scritto:
> Il 09/01/2017 19:20, Michele Rossetti ha scritto:
>> This means that in PVE cluster of 3 servers with DRBD9 updated isn't
>> possible to restore KVM virtual machines?
>> Other people on list with the same problem or is only in your
>> configuration?
>> Just to know before update ;-)
> I have just retried today, after having upgraded drbd-utils to
> 8.9.10+linbit-1 , apperead yesterday.
> I have successfuly cycled thru
> vm creation -> vm dump -> vm restore
> on a drbd9 (lvm-thin based) storage with only some quirks I will
> describe here soon.

I think that quirks were entirely related to creation/deletion of lvm
volumes (backend of drbd ones).

In one case, restore operation resulted in correct creation of new drbd
resource, but on one node the assignment was pending, with "drbdmanage
resume-all" didn't fixing it.

I resolved with a "drbdadm down <vm-resource>" on the problematic node,
removing (lvremove) the backend lvm volume, and reissuing a "drbdmanage
resume-all" that recreated it correctly.

Now I can delete the test vm and restore it without any problem.

So, my advice in case of problems creating/deleting/restoring vms is to
check that creation/deletion of backend lvm volumes is correctly
performed as expected.


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