[DRBD-user] Testing new DRBD9 dedicated repo for PVE

Michele Rossetti rossetti at sardi.it
Wed Jan 4 16:01:32 CET 2017

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Yet some consideration for the interest of all.
My age has sadly brought me to see several failures of good 
initiatives due to pure misunderstandings.

We have two products PVE 4 and DRBD9 that seem made for each other, 
they are absolutely complementary.

We have two companies Proxmox and Linbit, both in Vienna, speaking 
the same language and developing software that do not compete with 
each other.

It is true that the most violent discussions take place between 
brothers, but I think it's a pity having to give up such an 
interesting system due to a misunderstanding.

One more thing: in the case, fairly widespread, of use of software 
from the community, there is no economic gain for Proxmox nor Linbit.
If instead people want to purchase support, it would be interesting, 
for potential customers, have a single subscription with the 
assistance for the two products.
So, modify the licence terms, subscribe an agreement between 
companies, do whatever you want, but please, give us a system (PVE 4 
+ DBRD9) fully functioning and well serviced.
You will see that your business will benefit.

Best regards,

P.S. In a previous post I made some stupid question, like this:

To upgrade to 4.4 can I use the Linbit repository? Which address is
to add on apt-get sources.list?
I suppose the Proxmox address is to be removed from list, right?
(This will be a problem for people using PVE enterprise repository,
but it's not my case).
Moreover, it's possible, after the sources.list modification, to use
update button in PVE GUI?

Can someone help me? Thanks

>On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 10:42:54PM +1100, Igor Cicimov wrote:
>>  No serious company would integrate drbd in their product and then tell
>>  their customers to talk to Linbit in case of issues.
>The license was only changed for drbdmanage. Kernel and drbd-utils are
>still under the old license.
>These companies you are talking about can talk to LINBIT, for example
>for a partner agreement. Yes, already happened.
>If you are a private user, in the end nothing changed for you. You can
>use, patch, package drbdmanage and everything is as before. If you are a
>company and you provide commercial support/commercial trainings and make
>money out of that support business, then I think it is fair to give back
>a bit to the people that wrote the stuff you are making money with.
>Regards, rck
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