[DRBD-user] Testing new DRBD9 dedicated repo for PVE

Enrica Ruedin e.ruedin at guggach.com
Tue Jan 3 11:38:38 CET 2017

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I have the same situation as Michele. I ask me the same questions. I'm following the different mails concerning the change of repo.

I can't understand Linbit to change license in such a way that PVE Proxmox has to remove their support completely. This unnecessary change leads to confusion. On the other hand it's great at least that Linbit maintains the storage plugin of PVE in minimum. 

BUT I think that the new borderline between Proxmox and Linbit isn't good for the future development now. I always hoped that PVE will extend to plugin with GUI components analog Ceph. Such a GUI would help to show/handle resources (incl. status, size and usage), assign resources to hosts etc in PVE. All this isn't possible anymore because Proxmox has stopped their software support with DRBD. I don't think that Linbit will develop new features for PVE/DRBD9.

This license change worse the collaboration/integration PVE-DRBD. Further it will boost utilization of Ceph. Until today I thought that a three node cluster PVE/DRBD9 is the perfect solution. BTW my three nodes with PVE 4.3 with DRBD9 work perfectly, but I'm doubt if the combination PVE/DRBD9 has any future.

So I appeal to Linbit to work together with Proxmox more closely. Such a strong virtualization environment like PVE together with Linbit's DRBD9 would be a powerful European answer to US software.


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One advice from who use drbd9 on PVE in production, please: we have a cluster of 3 PVe 4.3 servers with the last DRBD version available prom PVE repository.

I read on the list that there are several problems with new DRBD version, not more included on PVE repository, but I don't understand if they are related only with som configuration or with the new changes on drbdmanage.

In other words: can we upgrade without problems to PVE 4.4 and to DRBD last software on Linbit repository, or to PVE 4.4 from Proxmox repository and to latest DRBD from Linbit repository? Or it's better to wait some time, to avoid problems on production systems?

Thanks and happy New Year,
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