[DRBD-user] NULL deref at drbd_submit_peer_request

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Tue Feb 28 14:35:43 CET 2017

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On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 06:05:10PM +0530, Sunil Kumar wrote:
> Hi Lars,
> Thanks for the suggested changes, it solves the problem.
> >So the context that drbd_md_endio() runs in was not scheduled
> >for all the time it takes for drbd_adm_attach() to go all the way from
> >"drbd_md_read()" to ... "device->ldev = nbc;", several lock/unlock,
> >memory barriers and so on... and only then the drbd_md_endio() context
> >managed to evaluate the next line of code?
> I don't see an issue with drbd_md_endio() scheduling, its schedules
> properly.  The only problem was 'drbd_md_put_buffer' which basically
> wakes up drbd_adm_attach process and makes ldev as valid pointer in
> case of drbd_md_read().


  drbd: fix potential get_ldev/put_ldev refcount imbalance during attach


  drbd_adm_attach()               | async drbd_md_endio()
  device->ldev is still NULL.     |
  drbd_md_read(                   |
   .endio = drbd_md_endio;        |
   submit;                        |
   ....                           |
   wait for done == 1;            |       done = 1;
  );                              |       wake_up();
  .. lot of other stuff,          |
  .. includeing taking and        |
  ...giving up locks,             |
  .. doing further IO,            |
  .. stuff that takes "some time" |
                                  | while in this context,
                                  | this is the next statement.
       0K .           | which means this context was scheduled
  .. only then, finally,          | away for "some time".
  device->ldev = nbc;             |
                                  |       if (device->ldev)
                                  |               put_ldev()

  Unlikely, but possible. I was able to provoke it "reliably"
  by adding an mdelay(500); after the wake_up().
  Fixed by moving the if (!NULL) put_ldev() before done = 1;

  Impact of the bug was that the resulting refcount imbalance
  could lead to premature destruction of the object, potentially
  causing a NULL pointer dereference during a subsequent detach.

That's what I meant with "not scheduled for all the time ..."



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