[DRBD-user] where is GENL_tla_expected defined?

Jiao Shengpin shengpin_jiao at pbdata.com.cn
Fri Feb 3 08:28:42 CET 2017

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Dear Roland,
As you recommended, I downloaded DRBD-9.0.6, but could not find the 
definition of GENL_tla_expected.

I want to know how DRBD uses generic netlink to implement management, 
but GENL_tla_expected  hold me.
In the file drbd_genl.h, GENL_struct macro is used  to define a struct,  
GENL_op macro  is used to define a generic netlink operation.  
GENL_tla_expected is used to express some expectation.
  GENL_tla_expected looks mystererious to me.

Ingam Jiao

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