[DRBD-user] frequent wrong magic value with kernel >4.9

Andreas Pflug pgadmin at pse-consulting.de
Fri Dec 22 12:55:20 CET 2017

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Running two Debian 9.3 machines, directly connected via 10GBit on-board
X540 10GBit, with 15 drbd devices.

When running a 4.14.2 kernel (from sid) or a 4.13.13 kernel (from
stretch-backports), I see several "Wrong magic value 0x4c414245 in
protocol version 101" per day issued by the secondary, with subsequent
termination of the connection, reconnect and resync. The magic value
logged differs, quite often 0x00.

Using the current 4.9.65 kernel (or older) from stretch didn't show
these aborts in the past, and after going back they're gone again. It
seems to be some problem introduced after 4.9 kernels, since both 4.9
and 4.13 include drbd 8.4.7. Maybe some interference with the nic driver?

Kernel    drbd    ixgbe     errors
4.9.65    8.4.7  4.4.0-k   no
9.13.13  8.4.7  5.1.0-k   yes
9.14.2   8.4.10 5.1.0-k   yes



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