[DRBD-user] (newbie question) DRBD 9, pure controller without data storage

Riches Jr, Robert M robert.m.riches.jr at intel.com
Tue Dec 5 00:10:16 CET 2017

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(This is a newbie question.)

Having got non-LVM version 9 drbdadm working with two storage nodes and a
few no-local-storage nodes, I'm attempting to graduate to using drbdmanage
and LVM.  My goal is to have two storage nodes, one pure controller node
without data storage, and a few no-local-storage compute nodes.  However, I
don't understand the green box in Figure 5 in the User's Guide, labeled as a
'Control node', 'controlvolume is a local LV', 'pure Controller', and 'nodes
without data storage'.  This is the figure:


The only LVM volume group I see mentioned in chapter 5 of the DRBD 9 UG
is the one it suggests to name 'drbdpool'.  However, if the pure controller
has no data storage, how can the controlvolume be a local LV.  Can someone
please enlighten a newbie on what seem to be contradictory descriptions?

In case detail matters, I'm using drbd-9.0.9-1, drbdmanage-0.99.14, and
drbd-utils-9.1.1 compiled from source on Ubuntu 16.04.


Robert Riches

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