[DRBD-user] dead slow replication

Muhammad Sharfuddin M.Sharfuddin at nds.com.pk
Wed Aug 30 19:04:09 CEST 2017

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OS version: SLES 12 SP2 + online updates.

drbd version:                      9.0.1+git.86e4439-9.2
drbd-kmp-default version:     9.0.1+git.86e4439_k4.4.21_69-9.2
drbd-utils version:                 8.9.6-8.3.5

Its a 1 TB volume with XFS file system and both the nodes are connected 
via 1 Gbps network. DRBD replication started 41 hours before but it just 
reached 8.78 % yet.

drbdsetup status oracle --verbose --statistics
oracle node-id:1 role:Primary suspended:no
   volume:0 minor:0 disk:UpToDate
       size:1904549052 read:515556707 written:13288947 al-writes:6734 
       upper-pending:0 lower-pending:0 al-suspended:no blocked:no
   prdnode2 node-id:0 connection:Connected role:Secondary congested:no
     volume:0 replication:SyncSource peer-disk:Inconsistent done:8.78
         received:0 sent:176786480 out-of-sync:1737341808 pending:0 

Why  is replication so slow ? Should I run the following command on 

	drbdadm disk-options --c-plan-ahead=0 --resync-rate=110M oracle

and then later on edit the resource file to add the following:

     disk { resync-rate 100M; }

Current configuration:

cat global_common.conf

global { usage-count no;}

common {
     handlers {  fence-peer "/usr/lib/drbd/crm-fence-peer.sh"; 
after-resync-target "/usr/lib/drbd/crm-unfence-peer.sh"; }

     startup { wfc-timeout 0; degr-wfc-timeout 120;  }

     disk {   on-io-error detach;     al-extents 3389; }

     net { after-sb-0pri discard-zero-changes;  after-sb-1pri 
discard-secondary;     max-buffers 8000;
             max-epoch-size 8000;     sndbuf-size 0;    verify-alg md5; 
ping-int 2; ping-timeout 2; connect-int 2;
             timeout 5;  ko-count 5; }

cat oracle.res

resource oracle   {
    device /dev/drbd_r0 minor 0;
    meta-disk internal;

    on node1 { disk "/dev/sdb2"; address; }

    on node2 { disk "/dev/sdb2";  address; }



Muhammad Sharfuddin
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