[DRBD-user] DRBD Dual Primary + GFS2 for redundant KVM hosts

Remolina, Diego J dijuremo at aerospace.gatech.edu
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Have you considered using something other than drbd for VM disk storage? Glusterfs for example is really good for that. You may want to give it a try. You should look at enabling sharding from the get-go to speed up heals when a node goes down.

I would not use Glusterfs for a file server as it's performance is abysmal dealing with lots of small files. I would definitively use DRBD for a file server as it is great in handling lots of small files whereas Glusterfs is horrible. But for VMs, I think gluster offers many niceties, easy to setup, good performance, no need to deal with GFS2, etc.



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Il 25-08-2017 14:34 Digimer ha scritto:
> Our Anvil! project (https://www.alteeve.com/w/Build_an_m2_Anvil!) is
> basically this, except we put the VMs on clustered LVs and use gfs2 to
> store install media and the server XML files.
> I would NOT put the image files on gfs2, as the distributed locking
> overhead would hurt performance a fair bit.

Hi, I contemplated using an active/active lvm-based configuration, but I
would really like to use files as per VM disks.
So, do you feel GFS2 would be inadequate for VM disk storage? What if a
node crashes/reboots? Will GFS2 continue to work?


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