[DRBD-user] files .res.q

Roland Kammerer roland.kammerer at linbit.com
Thu Apr 27 13:37:34 CEST 2017

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On Wed, Apr 26, 2017 at 12:31:41PM +0200, Michele Rossetti wrote:
> Hi,
> In /var/lib/drbd.d of my DRBD9 nodes there are not only files .res, like
> drbdmanage_vm-106-disk-1.res, but also files .res.q, like
> drbdmanage_vm-105-disk-1.res.q
> What are they and what they are for? Can be eventually manually removed?

Resource files get created temporarily and then get checked. If they do
not pass the validation, the get moved to a .q file for further analysis
(aka.  resource file generator debugging). They never get deleted
automatically. This should not happen with the most recent version of
drbdmanage, or there is a bug in resource file generator.

So, you can delete them, they have no purpose besides debugging.

If they are not leftovers from a drbdmanage version < current version,
so they *really* got created by the current version of drbdmanage, steps
to reproduce would be helpful.

Regards, rck

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