[DRBD-user] disaster management on primary-primary setup

Igor Cicimov icicimov at gmail.com
Sun Apr 2 07:59:15 CEST 2017

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On 2 Apr 2017 3:45 am, "Gregor Burck" <gregor at aeppelbroe.de> wrote:


I'm testing drbd on a debian sytem. (drbd 8.9.2)
My setup is two nodes with a primary-primary setup with gfs2

I mount the cluster resource in the local filesystem. (/dev/drbd0 on
/clusterdata type gfs2)

When I kill one node (take the electircal wire) the still existing node
can't access the files:

ls -l /clusterdata hang up, I can't kill the command, even from a other
root account with kill -9

Is this a problem with drbd or maybe with gfs2?

How to bring the situation under control?

How on earth do you expect people to know without showing any
configuration, logs and drbd and cluster status at the time this happens???



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