[DRBD-user] Timed out waiting for missing ack packets

Jorge Boncompte jbonor at gmail.com
Thu Mar 17 12:13:05 CET 2016

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	Hi all,

	I have a pair of servers that have been working fine for the last year 
with proxmox 3.4 and kernel 3.10. After upgrading the drbd module to 
8.4.7-1 from 8.4.6 one of the nodes has exhibited this error message 
three times, always the same server, always the same drdb device. The 
backend storage it is a md RAID1 of 2 SSD's.

block drbd100: Timed out waiting for missing ack packets; disconnecting
drbd vm100storage: error receiving Data, e: -110 l: 4096!

	The two servers are connected back-to-back with a 10gbps network and 
redundantly with a second connection over a switch. There has not been 
obvious problems with the network.

	After the second time happened I tried increasing ping-timeout to 1 
second but didn't help.

	Haven't tried yet to revert the drbd module version. Does anyone have 
any clue about what could be the problem?

	Thanks in advance.

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