[DRBD-user] Misleading error messages from drbdadm up (IP not found on this host)

Matthew Vernon mcv21 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Jan 27 12:10:44 CET 2016

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I have a Xen dom0 with a lot of drbd devices (one per guest); the DRBD
resources are configured essentially identically, with increasing device
and port numbers.

Last night, creating a new resource failed thus:

root at odochium:~# drbdadm up mws-priv-7
drbd.d/mws-priv-7.res:10: in resource mws-priv-7, on odochium:
        IP fd19:1b70:f7a6:1ae5::8d:7 not found on this host.

This is not true: ip addr list eth1 includes:
    inet6 fd19:1b70:f7a6:1ae5::8d:7/64 scope global

...and if I do attach instead, then:
root at odochium:~# drbdadm attach mws-priv-7
87: Failure: (127) Device minor not allocated
additional info from kernel:
unknown minor
Command 'drbdsetup-84 attach 87 /dev/guests/mwsig-mws-priv-7
/dev/guests/mwsig-mws-priv-7 internal' terminated with exit code 10

/dev/drbd87 does indeed not exist, but normally drbd creates these for
me (and has done so for the previous 86).

Is there some limit to the number of drbd devices I can have?

In case it helps, here's my .res for this device:

resource mws-priv-7 {
  device /dev/drbd87;
  disk /dev/guests/mwsig-mws-priv-7;
  meta-disk internal;
  on agogue {
    address ipv6 [fd19:1b70:f7a6:1ae5::8d:6]:7875;
  on odochium {
    address ipv6 [fd19:1b70:f7a6:1ae5::8d:7]:7875;
  net {
    after-sb-0pri discard-zero-changes;
    after-sb-1pri discard-secondary;
    after-sb-2pri disconnect;



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