[DRBD-user] Slow resync

Ricardo Branco ricardo at wenn.com
Mon Jan 4 17:48:53 CET 2016

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I have an odd situation with resync.

Resync seems to always be limited to max 40MB/s, if I am doing both of my resources at the same time then both are at 
40MB/s (total 80M), but never goes above this.
If I copy a 20G file which is on drbd then the sync speed to the other server reaches 800GB/s, doing a dd gives similar 
results around 1GB/s.
Does not matter what param I tweek i can not get the sync speed to be above 40MB/s.
To test that cachecade is not getting in the way I have disabled it for tests but nothing changed.

This server has been running 8.4.3 up to recently, now 8.4.6.
Before the upgrade I am sure when I did a sync I saw much higher resync rates.

The server setup is:
16x 3TB SAS 7.2k RAID 6 on LSI Megaraid 9271-4i (FBWC + CacheCade)
10G Ethernet direct link between servers

resource d0 {
     options {
         cpu-mask                ""; # default
         on-no-data-accessible   io-error; # default
     net {
         protocol                C; # default
         timeout                 60; # 1/10 seconds, default
         max-epoch-size          2048; # default
         max-buffers             2048; # default
         unplug-watermark        128; # default
         connect-int             10; # seconds, default
         ping-int                10; # seconds, default
         sndbuf-size             0; # bytes, default
         rcvbuf-size             0; # bytes, default
         ko-count                7; # default
         allow-two-primaries     no; # default
         cram-hmac-alg           ""; # default
         shared-secret           ""; # default
         after-sb-0pri           disconnect; # default
         after-sb-1pri           disconnect; # default
         after-sb-2pri           disconnect; # default
         always-asbp             no; # default
         rr-conflict             disconnect; # default
         ping-timeout            5; # 1/10 seconds, default
         data-integrity-alg      ""; # default
         tcp-cork                yes; # default
         on-congestion           block; # default
         congestion-fill         0s; # bytes, default
         congestion-extents      1237; # default
         csums-alg               ""; # default
         csums-after-crash-only  no; # default
         verify-alg              "crc32c";
         use-rle                 yes; # default
         socket-check-timeout    0; # default
     _remote_host {
         address                 ipv4;
     _this_host {
         address                 ipv4;
         volume 0 {
             device                      minor 1;
             disk                        "/dev/vg_raid1/drbd0";
             meta-disk                   internal;
             disk {
                 size                    0s; # bytes, default
                 max-bio-bvecs           0; # default
                 on-io-error             detach; # default
                 fencing                 resource-only;
                 disk-barrier            no; # default
                 disk-flushes            no;
                 disk-drain              yes; # default
                 md-flushes              yes; # default
                 resync-rate             512000k; # bytes/second
                 resync-after            -1; # default
                 al-extents              1237; # default
                 al-updates              yes; # default
                 c-plan-ahead            0; # 1/10 seconds
                 c-delay-target          10; # 1/10 seconds, default
                 c-fill-target           100s; # bytes, default
                 c-max-rate              102400k; # bytes/second, default
                 c-min-rate              250k; # bytes/second, default
                 disk-timeout            0; # 1/10 seconds, default
                 read-balancing          prefer-local; # default

  0: cs:SyncTarget ro:Secondary/Primary ds:Inconsistent/UpToDate C r-----
     ns:0 nr:262361424 dw:325178528 dr:0 al:0 bm:0 lo:0 pe:0 ua:0 ap:0 ep:1 wo:d oos:11362364
         [==>.................] sync'ed: 15.5% (11096/13116)M
         finish: 0:05:15 speed: 35,944 (31,844) want: 512,000 K/sec

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