[DRBD-user] Kernel panic with DRBD 9.0 on Kernel 4.2.6 "LOGIC BUG for enr=x"

Claudio claudio.nicora at gmail.com
Mon Feb 29 11:41:34 CET 2016

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I have built 8.4 drbd module for kernel 4.2.8-1-pve, together with the 
latest drbd-utils (with support for 84 version), then downgraded 
resources to 8.4.

I've run the same IO-intensive tests as before (on 9.0) for more than 24 
hours: no issues.
9.0 crashed after no more than 3/4 minutes.

My two-nodes Proxmox is actually running since 3 days without any issue.

Should be great, for whom like me with a simple two-nodes setup, to have 
a kernel with drbd 8.4 instead of 9.0; is it possible?
Otherwise I'll create a script to automate buiilding process each time 
I'll update the kernel in the future.

PS: since there's near-to-no ducumentation available on DRBD 
downgrading, I'll will write a post with detailed instruction (I took 
detailed notes while building and reconfiguring my nodes).

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