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On 12/02/16 12:34, Adam Goryachev wrote:
> Hi,
> Can anyone advise the steps needed to "prepare" my LV which is 
> currently on-disk format v08 so that I can upgrade it to v09 with 
> additional sync nodes?
> ie,
> lvextend -L+xx /dev/vg0/drbdspace
> How to calculate xx ?

Wow, after lots of searching, I ask the question, and two minutes later, 
I found half the answer (sorry for that)
So, I now see: 
Which shows a formula for calculating the metadata as:
C / 2^18 X 8 X N + 72
Where C is the device size in sectors and N is the number of peers.

However, I would guess some of that space is already reserved, for the 
two peers I already have? Also, the rest of the questions still apply, 
on how will DRBD find the old signature at a different offset to normal, 

> drbdadm -v --max-peers=<N> create-md <resources>
> If the size of the device has changed, will drbdadm still "find" the 
> old v08 signature that it needs to update? I think the DRBD signature 
> is at the end of the device, but now the end of the device has changed....
> Also, I wasn't able to find much (any) information on how to migrate 
> to drbdmanage. It almost seems like it would be a completely manual 
> process, managing the old style config files manually, creating the 
> new drbdmanage based device, then migrate the data from the old to the 
> new, etc... Ideally, there would be some automated solution to import 
> configs and devices/etc, and have drbdmanage do the 
> "conversion/migration" itself.
> Finally, just how "stable/reliable" is v9? How do you use it, what 
> issues have you seen? Is it faster/slower or more stable/less stable 
> etc than v8.4?
> Regards,
> Adam
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