[DRBD-user] correct way to wipe drbd fs

krautus at kr916.org krautus at kr916.org
Tue Feb 9 05:22:46 CET 2016

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Hi all, as you can imagine i need some help :)
I reinstalled the OS on a server, from debian 7 with drbd
to debian 8 without drbd
(I actually don't need drbd anymore on this server)

The installation went fine, as well as booting and performance,
but .. I'm getting a few of this line in the kern logs:
systemd-gpt-auto-generator[18808]: Failed to determine partition table type of /dev/sda: Input/output error
around 30 times and then it stops.

So after some googling I've tried this:

root at pcmr:~# lsblk -fs
NAME  FSTYPE LABEL UUID                                 MOUNTPOINT
sda1  xfs          1490d770-8c7a-41b9-9af0-1761f7cde4e1 /boot
└─sda drbd         fda4aa032add9632                     
sda2  xfs          26d59afd-a2c4-488d-a286-9573e2730f84 /
└─sda drbd         fda4aa032add9632                     
sda3  btrfs        c7ce9dc4-f17f-417b-9660-58c7a5400aa7 /var
└─sda drbd         fda4aa032add9632                     
sda4  swap         366cf7e2-fada-4b64-b2cb-faae467914cf [SWAP]
└─sda drbd         fda4aa032add9632                     

and as you can see there are some drbd bits which survived the format.

It looks like I need to use wipefs
but since I access this server only thru a kvm (and must upload the iso from my home network, very slow ..),
I'd like to ask you: what's the correct way to clean an hdd from a previous drbd cluster ?
Can I do it directly from the OS or do I need to run a live-cd ?

Thanks for your help, btw i use drbd from around 5 years on many servers, also under quite heavy load
and never had a single problem, never lost a bit *thumbs up*

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