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AALISHE aalishe at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 09:16:32 CET 2016

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Hello everyone,

I am not so familiar with the drbd ... but I will try be informative so you
are able to help me -  I hope.

I have 2 nodes cluster ... node 1 had a disk failure .. it happens to be
part of drbd disks and holds its data ... so  after seeing the diskless
status from   cat /proc/drbd  .....  I migrated to other node and made it
primary... ... I also have a backup of the data

The software is:

*- CentOS 6.5*

*- drbd 8.4*
*rpm -qa | grep drbd*

*-  drbd  config*

* cat /etc/drbd.d/r0.res*
resource r0 {

        volume 0 {
                meta-disk internal;
                device /dev/drbd1;
                disk /dev/sda1;

        volume 1 {
                meta-disk internal;
                device /dev/drbd2;
                disk /dev/sdb1;

        volume 2 {
                meta-disk internal;
                device /dev/drbd3;
                disk /dev/sdc1;

        volume 3 {
                meta-disk internal;
                device /dev/drbd4;
                disk /dev/sdd1;

        on lws1h1 {

        on lws1h2 {

- Disk to replace

Feb  5 04:45:33 lws1h1 kernel: sd 4:0:0:0: [sdc] Unhandled error code
Feb  5 04:49:20 lws1h1 kernel: block drbd3: IO ERROR: neither local nor
remote disk

The disk is not part of LVM or Raid  ....it is ext4 / JBOD

Cloud you please guide me to replace the disk properly .. and have
Uptodate/Uptodate back again on both ends

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