[DRBD-user] DRBD8, dedicated repository for PVE 4

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Tue Dec 27 06:35:30 CET 2016

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>> Even work well for the live migration of VMs? ... I did not know about of
>> it, AFAIK, for get a live migration successfully, also is necessary
>> change
>> other things in PVE (i guess that the code in the module of live
>> migration
>> has to be changed).
> sure, live migration works.
In "PRIMARY/SECONDARY" mode with "DRBD8" not works. Actually in the PVE
servers i must to run manually DRBD8 commands previous and subsequent to the
live migration for change his states of Primary and Secondary in both
Servers before and after of the live migration.

It is for this reason that i say that is necessary that the module of live
migration of PVE has the option of run any previous and subsequent commands
of the live migration for each VM in particular, then, if the VMs that has
his virtual disks in the DBRB8 resources has his pre-configured commands
correctly, i will can to do a live migration sucessfully using only the GUI
without the need to run the commands manually.

Such feature, not only would be util for execute DRBD8 commands, also would
be util for execute any command or script that anybody want to add to his
live migration, for example send a email, as anything else you want.

> AFAIK DRBD9 is stable (or will be soon?)
I've heard for out there that it will probably take two years, maybe more
Moreover, in all this time, Linbit has not announced a date, so i can guess
that will take a long time.

>> Moreover, about PVE and his module of "live migration", i would like to
>> ask you...
>> 1- Do it has the option of execute previous and subsequent commands to
>> the
>> same run of the live migration? (As it has vzdump).
> that is simply not necessary (DRBD9 auto promotion ...)
This thread is about of DRBD8 (at least until that DRBD9 be stable)

>> 2- If the answer is negative, can you add such feature?.
>> 3- And if the answer es positive, can you do a explain about of that in
>> the
>> PVE Wiki, or here?
>> (That would be fantastic for me)
> ALL DRBD9 related code is now managed by Linbit. AFAIK they plan to
> provide
> documentation soon on the DRBD site.
Thanks for say it, but until that DRBD9 not be unstable, i would like to
have the option of run previous and subsequent commands of the live
migration for each VM that depend of the DRBD8 resources that are configured 
in primary/secondary mode.


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