[DRBD-user] DRBD8, dedicated repository for PVE 4

Cesar Peschiera brain at click.com.py
Mon Dec 26 14:22:49 CET 2016

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Hi Dietmar, and thanks for the answer.

Even work well for the live migration of VMs? ... I did not know about of
it, AFAIK, for get a live migration successfully, also is necessary change
other things in PVE (i guess that the code in the module of live migration
has to be changed).

And although i want to use DRBD9, the problem is that isn't ready for his 
use in production environments, according to the recommendation of Lars 
Ellenberg, so in the meantime, i will have to use necessarily DRBD8.

Moreover, about PVE and his module of "live migration", i would like to
ask you...
1- Do it has the option of execute previous and subsequent commands to the
same run of the live migration? (As it has vzdump).
2- If the answer is negative, can you add such feature?.
3- And if the answer es positive, can you do a explain about of that in the
PVE Wiki, or here?
(That would be fantastic for me)


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> The functionality you are looking for already exists using DRBD9. It is
> called drbdmanage, and Linbit provides a repository including all
> packages and a storage driver for PVE.
>> So, my question is if you can to talk with the PVE developer team for
>> that
>> them can do the API (or something similar) so that can work the "Live
>> Migration" sucessfully without the need of execute manually some previous
>> and subsequent DRBD commands, ie, change the state of the primary and
>> secondary DRBD resources as part of the process of the live migration.

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