[DRBD-user] DRBD8, dedicated repository for PVE 4

Jasmin J. jasmin at anw.at
Fri Dec 23 03:14:49 CET 2016

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 > I would like to know if is possible to have a repository of DRBD 8 version
 > for Proxmox VE, since that DRBD 9 isn't ready for use it in a production
 > environment.
There is such a repository already available, but it is not maintained by
You will find the repo and and the installing instructions here:
This package includes also the fix for this issue:
    "drbd: Fix kernel_sendmsg() usage - potential NULL deref"
I helped them to port it for Proxmox. I have to ask for a newer version, due
the recent changes in the Linbit DRBD8 Git repo, which are currently not
included (will do that now).

I have this package running on my servers, including the also provided
"drbd-utils 8.9.9-1" package. To get the latter installed, I had to override
it in apt by adding a file "clazzes" with this content in
   Package: drbd8-dkms drbd-utils
   Pin: release a=jessie-drbdpkg-8
   Pin-Priority: 450
This might be no longer necessary, when Proxmox have removed the drbd-utils
package from the repo.

The drbd8-dkms package is a DKMS package, so the driver gets automatically
compiled with each new installed Kernel. But this works not very good, due to
the fact, that Proxmox bundles the new DRBD9 driver with the Kernel. Thus the
new module can't be installed automatically. But the DKMS installer write the
commands to execute to the screen. Even then I reboot first to the new Kernel
and build then the DRBD modules. This works always.

Additionally I wrote a Proxmox Storage Plugin for DRBD8. I wanted to get rid
of the LVM / DRBD8 / LVM approach. My goal was to provide the DRBD8 device
as RAW disk to Proxmox. My Storage Plugin also activates the DRBD8 instance
"drbdadm up <resource>" and switches to primary "drbdadm primary <resource>",
when the VM ist stared. So no startup scripts are required to use DRBD8 in
Proxmox. The Storage Plugin uses the provided interface and Proxmox does
execute the functions at the right time.
I am using "single primary" instead of the recommended "dual primary" mode.
This is much more secure, with the only drawback, that no life migration is
And I am using DRBD8 on top of LVM, with a dedicated DRBD8 instance per virtual
disk. My Storage Plugin is NOT able to manage this! You have to configure LVM
and DRBD8 manually and define for each DRBD8 resource a shared DRBD8 Storage in
Proxmox. This Storage you can then assign to a VM as disk and my Storage
Plugin does the act/deactivating and mode switching.

I have no plans to do more and re-invent the wheel, because this is why Linbit
wrote drbdmanage. drbdmanage can do the setup of LVM and DRBD9 automatically.
Moreover it uses the new auto-promote feature of DRBD9, which does the
primary/secondary switching automatically (this is what I have understood and
what I have seen in my test with DRBD9 already).
I don't know how long it takes to get DRBD9 ready for production. Even if this
might take 9..12 months, I see no reason to enhance my Storage Plugin, as it
is a temporary solution anyway.

I want to release my DRBD8 Proxmox Storage Plugin to the Public Domain, but
had no time till now to setup a GIT repo on Githib. Even if I am using it on
my servers, it is alpha SW. I tested a lot and it works great, but ... .

If someone is interested in my Proxmox DRBD8 Storage Plugin, I can try to
release it in the next days, even if I have no time due to the coming vacation.



On 12/22/2016 11:21 PM, Cesar Peschiera wrote:
> Hello
> I would like to know if is possible to have a repository of DRBD 8 version for
> Proxmox VE, since that DRBD 9 isn't ready for use it in a production environment.
> Moreover, as i am using dedicated NICs for the replication of DRBD without a
> Switch in the middle, each server have 2 NICs configured in round-robin bonding
> mode, and as some servers has NICs of 1 Gbps, and other of 10 Gbps, I would
> like to use the lastest version of DRBD 8 version and not have that purchase a
> Switch of 10 Gbps for exclusive use of DRBD.
> Best regards
> Cesar
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