[DRBD-user] DRBD resource expansion trouble

Peter Brunnengraeber pbrunnen at bccglobal.com
Sun Aug 21 21:40:47 CEST 2016

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I have been having an issue attempting to expand a DRBD storage resource.

Our system is hardware raid (lsi megaraid) -> drbd (internal metadata) -> lvm storage
The storage software we use requires control of LVM and we backed it with DRBD, thus the strange setup with LVM ontop of DRBD.

- We added disks and extended the raid storage backend
- Issued 'echo 1 >/sys/class/scsi_device/1\:2\:2\:0/device/rescan'
- Kernel and 'parted /dev/sdc print free' sees the new size and free space

We attempted to do an online expansion based on the notes in a previous posting:
 Based on> http://lists.linbit.com/pipermail/drbd-user/2014-February/020663.html

- Attempted 'drbdmeta /dev/drbd1 v08 /dev/sdc1 internal check-resize' but that did not do anything that we could tell
- 'pvdisplay /dev/sdc' still shows the old size; 'parted /dev/sdc print free' also still shows the old size and free space
- Attempted 'drbdadm -v resize vmkfs_vol1', also does nothing.  No error, but no additional space added to drbd

So we attempted to fall back to the drbd documented offline way:
 Based on> https://www.drbd.org/en/doc/users-guide-83/s-resizing
- Took down the drbd resource and dumped the metadata: 'drbdadm dump-md vmkfs_vol1 >/tmp/metadata'
- Edited /tmp/metadata to change "la-size-sect = DevSizeInSect - ( (DevSizeInSect / 32768 * 8) + 72 )"
- Used 'LVM_SYSTEM_DIR= drbdadm create-md vmkfs_vol1' to create the new metadata and circumventing the LVM detection problem for the LVM contained within the DRBD resource.
- Reimported the metadata to the drbd resource
- Attempted to bring up the drbd resouce, but errors "Low.dev. smaller than requested DRBD-dev. size."

Looking at parted's output, we see the free space still. In parted I tried to:
 - Used sector mode
 - Resize, but fails with "unknown filesystem type"
 - Remove and recreate fails with "closest location we can manage" message which only provided the option to recreate it up to a few thousand sectors after the original sector size.

At this point, I assume that parted won't let me create the larger partition because it see something there like the drbd metadata...  I guess this is a parted bug/limitation more than anything.  The disk is GPT table because of the size, so fdisk was off the table.

As a last resort, I assume that if I was to low level wipe the data from the RAID on one node that I could recreate the partition and metadata from scratch. I believe that I can do a full resync from a smaller to larger resource, failover to the system with the expanded storage, and then wipe/resync/repeat back to the other node.

Does this last resort make sense and/or has anyone else run across this or have a way to move forward?
Also, can I just back DRBD with the device directly and no partition (/dev/sdc instead of /dev/sdc1)?

I'm on drbd v8.3.11

Very much appreciated!

-With kind regards,
 Peter Brunnengräber

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