[DRBD-user] Ressource decomission stuck

Julien Escario escario at azylog.net
Thu Aug 18 13:33:05 CEST 2016

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After rebooting a node, I can see somthing strange :

# drbdmanage list-assignments
> | vm4  | vm-206-disk-1 |      * |                                 |                                       ok |
> | vm5  | vm-206-disk-1 |      * |                                 |                                       ok |
> | vm7  | vm-206-disk-1 |      * |                                 | FAILED(3), pending actions: decommission |

So it seems the ressource removal is stuck in the middle of the operation.

I already tried different actions so I can't assume it was in this state before.

I'm using lvm thin as plugin and I don't have any more vm-206-disk-1 lv and
drdbadm status returns nothing about this ressource.

Is there a way to remove this properly ? I guess I would be able to reassign the
ressource to this node after.

And moving /var/lib/drbd.d/drbdmanage_vm-206-disk-1.res away didn't change anything.

Best regards,

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