[DRBD-user] no sync within VM with Xen

Clément Février clement at forumanalogue.fr
Sun Aug 14 21:40:18 CEST 2016

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Le 14/08/16 à 14:24, Adam Goryachev a écrit :

> Make sure your VM configuration (xen config file) references the drbd
> resource and not the underlying disk. eg: use /dev/drbd0 or
> /dev/drbd/0 and not /dev/sda2 or whatever...
> In the meantime, since you have already modified the underlying
> device, you should do a full verify and re-sync on the DRBD device.

Thanks, that's was the problem indeed. Because my email was blocked for
a day, I got help from the irc chan in the mean time and they put me and
the same lead. I made too many changes in a day and got confused (wrong
commented line in the config' file of the VM on the primary node).

After a full re-sync, everything works fine :)


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