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Jason jason at securityarsenal.com
Fri Aug 12 02:55:56 CEST 2016

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Thanks.  I managed get it backup, I just create a new resource and move 
the data over. I still have the resource in place and want to play with 
recovering it.  Always good to practice getting out of such issues.  
Have a few questions?

What command do I use to try to build the block device?  I would assume 
that is what needs to happen then sync from secondary.

You said there is an online method to resizing a disk.  I haven't see 
anything on that.  I am using LVM on top of DRBD9.  Do you have a 
resource or the command you can share.  I am using lvresize, parted and 
drbdadm resize. But can't be done online.  I would love to be able to do 
a resize online.

Thanks again.

Philipp Marek <mailto:philipp.marek at linbit.com>
> August 11, 2016 at 1:28 AM
> Hi Jason,
> This sounds as if you did an offline resize, and you didn't have the old
> size stored in "/var/lib/drbd/drbd-minor-100.lkbd", so now the DRBD
> metadata can't be found anymore.
> If you can find out the exact old size (LVM backup files, logfiles,
> monitoring, etc.), you can try to create that file with a content like
> <size-in-bytes><tab>/dev/drbdpool/vm-105-disk-1_00
> and then try a
> drbdadm adjust all
> Better use online resize next time.
> Jason
> <mailto:jason at securityarsenal.com>
> August 10, 2016 at 10:46 AM
> I did a resize of a resource.  I have done many times before.  This is 
> the first time on the  DRBD9 9.0.3 release.
> I performed the resize.  Everything came up fine.  Then the primary 
> changed to diskless after starting the resource.  The system is still 
> up and running. I tried to migrate to secondary but it fails to move 
> with no errors.
> So Primary is showing Diskless.  Secondary is showing UpToDate.
> On Primary I get this when trying to adjust:
> drbdadm adjust vm-105-disk-1
> No valid meta data found   Command 'drbdmeta 100 v09 
> /dev/drbdpool/vm-105-disk-1_00 internal apply-al' terminated with exit 
> code 255
> Any ideas?  Is primary writing to the secondary?  So to recover, what 
> should I do?  Force stop the VM by removing the fence and have the 
> primary disregard its data for that resource to fix the diskless 
> state?  Does anyone know of another method to resolve this?

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