[DRBD-user] Stability issue Proxmox4/DRBD9

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Thu Apr 14 09:24:27 CEST 2016

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Could you please include the commands you are using to "clone a VM from 
one ressource to the other or when I try to move the disk of a VM from a 
ressource to the other"

ie, what are you really doing?

Also, have you checked your kernel logs/syslog ? What was the complete 
contents, especially around the time of the crash.

What is your architecture? You say each server has 2x2TB drives, and a 
software RAID1 (assume mdadm) for the system partition. What have you 
done with the "second" partition. Is it also a RAID1 with mdadm, or is 
it just two plain partitions?
What device did you use as the PV?
Where are you creating LV's ?
What device does your VM use to access it's data?

Hopefully after collecting this information you will see the issue, or 
once you post it, someone here can assist.

Finally, I'm not sure, but your email shows it was sent on the 10th of 
April, but just arrived today, perhaps your system date is wrong?


On 10/04/16 01:54, Jean-Laurent Ivars wrote:
> Dear list,
> Sorry it’s a long message and my english may not be the best :(

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