[DRBD-user] SAN with DRBD and pacemaker

Marco Marino marino.mrc at gmail.com
Fri Sep 11 12:16:16 CEST 2015

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Hi, I have 2 servers supermicro lsi 2108 and I'm trying to build a SAN with
drbd and pacemaker. I'm stydying, but I have no experience on large array
of disks with drbd, so I have some questions:

I'm using MegaRAID Storage Manager to create virtual drives. Each virtual
drive is a device on linux, so my first question is: it's a good idea to
create virtual drive of 8 TB (max)? I'm thinking to resync array time in
case of disk failure (about 1 day for 8 TB).

This is my cluster "infrastructure" (bottom to top):
1) linux device (eg /dev/sdb)
2) Ext4 partition (so /dev/sdb1 with maximum space allocated (8TB)) --
Question: ext4 is a good idea? Filesystem is mandatory at this level?
3) DRBD resource (rX. disk = /dev/sdb)
4) Physical Volume with /dev/drbdX
5) Volume Group vgiscsiXX
6) Logical Volume /dev/vgiscsiXX/lunY
7) Pacemaker resource DRBD (Master/slave)
8) Pacemaker resource LVM (ocf:LVM)
9) Pacemaker resource ISCSITarget
10) Pacemaker resource ISCSILogicalUnit
11) Paremaker resource VIP

It's a good idea create more drbd resources or should I create only one
resource and add all "megaraid devices" at start time?
It's a good idea create one Volume group for all luns?
Following this example, if I need to resize a LUN, I can add a drbd
resource, create a PV, vgextend the volume group and then resize the
logical volume associated to the lun.

I'm sorry If this is a OT or if I wrote stupid things...
Thank you,
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