[DRBD-user] Determining whether a resource is in dual-primary mode

Veit Wahlich cru.lists at zodia.de
Thu Oct 29 14:12:46 CET 2015

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is there a (preferred) method to determine whether a resource is
currently in dual-primary mode, e.g. show the active net-options?

I use "drbdadm net-options --protocol=C --allow-two-primaries <res>" to
active dual-primary mode temporarily for a resource and promote it on
the former secondary, so I can migrate a virtual machine backed by this
resource to another node. After migration has completed or failed, I
demote the resource on the machine that does not run the vm and
deactivate dual-primary mode with "drbdadm net-options
--allow-two-primaries=no <res>".

For safety reasons, I would like to verify whether the resource is not
already resp. no longer in dual-primary mode, but I found no method to
obtain this information:

 - /proc/drbd does not seem to contain this information
 - neither the documented nor official hidden commands of drbdadm seem
   to be able to return this information

Any idea appreciated.

// Veit

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