[DRBD-user] How efficient is DRBD during Sync?

Christian Völker chrischan at knebb.de
Thu Oct 22 17:19:51 CEST 2015

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Hi all,

>> But yes, any write during resync to no-yet synced, "dirty" blocks
>> will bring those blocks in sync as well.
>> As an extreme example, if you'd just zero-out the full device during
>> resync, you'd bring it in-sync by application writes.
> This 'zero-out' trick is exactly what I do for all new DRBD builds. It's
> a great way, pre-production, to sync DRBD without mucking around trying
> to force the normal resync rate up (which I wouldn't want in production
> anyway).
You guys have been faster than my thoughts. Reading the first statement
I was thinking of "dd'ing" the device from /dev/zero to speed up sync.
Currently I'm doing it and I will report about state changes :)



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